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Tux Strikes Back

28/02/2007 - Tux Strikes Back is here! Please read the included "README.TXT" file, as it contains some important infos on how to properly install this level set.

Please note that Tux Strikes Back requires an installation of SuperTux v0.1.3 (Milestone 1). It won't work with earlier or later versions of the game. You can download SuperTux for many different platforms from its official website.

Note to GP2x users: It was reported to me that Tux Strikes Back needs a small modification in order to work on GP2x devices. You can download a working premodified version of Tux Strikes Back for your GP2x here (thanks to Michael Mrozek). This affects only GP2x users. All other users please use the download link provided below.

The Story:

One day, Tux finds a note from his arch enemy Nolok lying in front of his igloo. "Tux, your world is about to die!", the note reads. "I have built a lava powered machine, hidden somewhere in Antartica. It will make your beloved ice melt. Don't even bother, you have no chance to stop me. Haha! Signed, Nolok". Tux is shocked. Now it's up to him to save Antarctica. He has to find Nolok's machine and destroy it before it's too late. The quest begins...



You can download Tux Strikes Back here.

Reality Launcher

Reality Launcher is an easy to use GUI for Reality Boy, the great Nintendo Virtual Boy emulator by David Tucker. You can configure every aspect of Reality Boy, rename wrong named files, delete files and launch games by a single click. Please don't ask me for ROM images. I do not encourage piracy.


Platform: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Size: 1.21 MB
Installer: Yes
Uninstaller: Yes
License: Freeware


You can download Reality Launcher v1.4 here.

Other projects

This is a website dedicated to the preservation of classic video games. Founded in 2000, it's currently "on hold", but already lists thousands of games with screenshots for many retro platforms.

You can see it here.

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